About Us


Mmmm, cheerios... I've been eating cereal ever since I can remember and 30+ years later, I'm still doing it. I can't say that I like 'em all, but I sure do like the majority of them. Some days I'm feeling like a sugary treat, other days I feel like I should do my body some good. Some days I just pour a bowl and eat it, other days I dig through the box for the toy. So as an outlet to my obsession, I've wanted to put together a website for a while now that would provide me a way to further explore the world of cereal and maybe help someone else along the way. So here it is. It's a work in progress as I do have plenty of other things to do, but I hope to add to this site as I have the time and energy. Hopefully one day I'll get it to the point where you can help out as well.